The Center for Law and Public Policy FAQs

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy
55 W. Monroe Street, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 795-1101


Q. Why another center? Aren’t there already a number of centers on the Judiciary?

A. The Center for Law and Public Policy is unique in that it has a very specific focus. It represents only members of the defense bar who represent clients in civil cases. DRI, as the largest and oldest professional defense bar organization, brings a unique voice and important voice to the discussion of issues affecting the judiciary. The Center gives DRI a dedicated body for research, public education, and advocacy.

Q. What will be your mission?

A. Our mission will be to educate policy makers and the public on important judicial issues and challenges, and, where there is internal DRI consensus, to act as an advocate for change on public policy. We are particularly interested in maintaining the integrity and independence of the American judiciary.

Q. Will the Center lobby on behalf of legislation?

A. No. Our role is research and education.

Q. Will the Center take positions on legislation and court rulings?

A. We will offer our opinion on aspects of legislation or rules affecting the judiciary but will take no position for or against specific legislation. Where appropriate, we will ourselves propose reforms.

Q. How is the Center affiliated with DRI?

A. DRI has created, and provides support to, the Center and the Center is ultimately governed by the leadership of DRI.

Q. Will the Center accept members?

A. Members of the Center’s leadership and three committees are drawn only from distinguished members of DRI.

Q. How is the Center financed?

A. The Center is financed exclusively by DRI.

Q. How does the Center determine which projects to undertake?

The Center focuses on those projects that are important to the defense bar, the judiciary, and the country and on which it feels it can have optimal positive impact.