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Comprehensive investigation of an opposing expert witness' professional and personal background is emerging as a standard procedure for litigators. And, failure to vet one's own expert properly could even result in professional liability exposure, such as a negligent retention claim. Simply put, expert witness profiling is good clinical practice and strategically advantageous.

After carefully evaluating and considering the profiling products on the market today, DRI has formed a strategic partnership with the legal research professionals of Expert Witness Profiler ("EWP"). Your membership in DRI now offers you the most comprehensive background Profile of an individual expert witness on the market today- and with enhancements to which only DRI members are entitled.

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  • Average of 25 hours of labor per Profile by specially-trained legal professionals
  • Reliance on all major primary legal research sources, plus proprietary sources
  • Integration of all DRI data into the final Profile report
  • Huge strategic advantage over opposing attorney in depositions and at trial
  • Links to all source documents


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